You wanna know more about how to install the mod or what hints and tipps I may give? Just click the 'read more' button to view the complete readme!

The Car

The car model is a closely modeled version of the VW Polo GTI Cup from 2009. Nearly the complete 3D Model was donated by Matthi (thank you so much!) but some parts were lend from other default game content (Race07 and STCC2).

Mod Content

There is only one car model (VW Polo GTI Cup from 2009) but it has a massive 38 drivers/skins in total! Of course you can add your own skins using the provided templates! Have a look at the Spotter Guide to preview the skins - I guess you will find your favorite one very easy and take it for a quick run right afterwards!

Package Content

The following things are part of this version 1 package.

  • VW Polo GTI Challenge 2013 car
  • 38 Skins/Drivers to chose from
  • Templates to create your own custom skins
  • CarViewer to preview your custom skin without starting the game
  • This readme including a spotter guide (or skin preview)


Some Screenshots taken for release.